Gilmor Deconstruction Plans Scheduled for Winter

The deconstruction at Gilmor Homes is proceeding as planned. The fencing will go up around the last week of November, the first week of December. In January, the first buildings will actually be deconstructed.

The deconstruction of these buildings removes the blind spots and hiding places within the stairwells of these buildings that allowed illegal and illicit behavior by people who were harming the Gilmor Homes environment. Removing these structures disrupts the concentrated bad behavior within these buildings that was difficult to capture and prevent.

One of the buildings that will be removed is home to the mural that reminds many residents of the day they were introduced Freddie Gray. Artist "Super" (pictured above) is part of the local creative cohort, Pipe Dreams and painted the mural entitled "Power of the People". He stands in front of the location where Gray was arrested and the "Power of The People" mural continues.

HABC has memorialized the mural in digital format. The cost of preserving the mural as a part of the building is estimated to be much more than anticipated and the integrity of the mural would be lost because the mortar holding the building together is more than 25% of the total mural and cannot be recovered.