Residents Are Counted, Residents Are Heard!

Resident Services, Inc. (RSI) has been awarded a grant of $163,000 to assist with the 2020 Census to provide outreach for hard to count populations. Hard to count Populations include residents of public housing developments. 

RSI now has three outreach workers who will be responsible for supporting and assisting residents with computer aided census counting.  Two of the three outreach workers are residents in our developments. Their role is to assist with getting an accurate count, which assures that our communities have access to the additional federal resources and the potential for increased representation.

One of the main reasons that an accurate count is so unattainable is because of the concern for reporting to management offices the actual number of people residing in the household.  Monitoring activities in the developments is not the role or responsibility of the outreach workers. 

The outreach workers will also assist in promoting the nationwide campaigns in our developments to assure that people participate in the census including Census Day on April 1st. RSI also has onsite voter registration so that our residents are counted, and their voices heard! The Census enumeration will continue through December, 2020.