Aug. 30, 2023

Housing Authority of Baltimore City Issues Statement on Brooklyn Homes Mass Shooting After Action Report

BALTIMORE – The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) issued the following statement regarding its agency’s After Action Report regarding the Brooklyn Homes mass shooting incident: 

“We want to thank Mayor Scott and his administration for taking the important initiative to assess each agency’s response and actions to the tragic incident that occurred on July 2. It’s an opportunity to understand what worked well with our emergency response plans and areas where we can improve.

“Most importantly, we want our residents to feel safe in the communities they call home. We want residents and their families to enjoy spending time with each other and their neighbors. It can be done in a manner that is safe and fun.

“Our hearts and prayers continue to be with every victim, family member and resident. It has been a challenging time for Baltimore City, and we hope that justice is served to the victims’ families.”

HABC’s After Action report can be viewed here.

To see Baltimore City's Compiled Agency After Action report, click here.