HABC’s Public Housing Waiting List to Close

HABC announced earlier this month that it will stop accepting applications from residents of Baltimore, citing more than 14,000 applications on a waitlist and an average wait time of more than five years.

Residents have until December 20th, 2019 to apply for public housing before the housing authority stops taking the applications.

"This is a decision we wish we didn't have to make but by continuing to accept applications we would be performing a disservice and creating a false sense of hope that we can accommodate applicants in the near term," HABC President and CEO Janet Abrahams said in a statement. "The applicants at the top of our waiting list right now have been waiting on average between five and seven years. We work very hard to serve as many households as possible but simply don't have the resources to meet the tremendous need."

Abrahams said once the agency has worked through the list, offering housing to everyone who wants it, only then will the list be reopened.