In March this year, we began the process of developing a Strategic Plan for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC). The plan will serve as the agency’s blueprint to advance our mission and will include short and long-term plans for addressing HABC’s housing portfolio and moving forward with key programs and initiatives. The process includes input from many stakeholders. 

Earlier this month, HABC held focus groups, a community workshop on the west side and a strategic plan advisory group meeting. Community members and other stakeholders joined HABC at these events to weigh in with feedback to advance the process of developing and implementing a strategic plan for the agency. These events contribute to the success of HABC’s plan to develop a charter for the advancement of its mission and vision. 

HABC's strategic plan will be based on the Four C’s of HABC: Community, Customer Service, Collaboration, and Communication. It includes plans for addressing HABC's housing portfolio and the development of key initiatives and programs. A final plan is expected to be completed later this year.
HABC would like to thank everyone who participated in these events for their candid and informative feedback!