First Phase of Improved Benton Building Security Efforts Starts with Employee IDs and Armed Guards

Anyone headed to the Benton Building for work or services should know that Phase 1 efforts are in place to develop measures to assure your personal safety and now includes the close review of employees’ identification badges.

Everyone who reports to the Benton Building at 417 East Fayette Street will be required to show their employee id or present their driver’s license and be issued a temporary day pass.

The Abacus Communication Security Team located here in the Benton Building is responsible for monitoring and assessing conditions that promote a safe environment for all who enter.  They are the first line of defense, being proactive in identifying all who come into the building.  There are mobile and foot patrols in place and the security command center that operates dispatch and surveillance 24/7/365 at 400 E. Saratoga St.  As an added measure of safety, Metropolitan also provides armed guards at both entrances to the Benton Building.

This improved safety compliments the recent training conducted at the Benton Building for all employees for an active shooter, with employees having more situational awareness with a plan of action should the need arise. In case of emergency, the Abacus Security Team command center number is 410-396-7652. 

Abacus is part of a bigger initiative of enhanced security coverage designed by the Department of General Services for city-owned buildings considered soft-targets that are managed by the Department of General Services.

Once funding has been approved Phase II of the security plan will go in effect, which will include portable walkthrough magnetometers and scanning wands.  Officer Andre Alston stated that their intent is to “better safeguard the employees against the public and anyone who may want to inflict violence.  This new policy provides tighten security that is in the best interest of all who enter the Benton Building.”

It should also be noted for those employees who keep late hours, security escorts are available upon request and be arranged by calling the command center directly at 410-396-7652.