The Office of Resident Services staff members are helping HABC communities and their residents to be PERSONALLY EMPOWERED by providing residents with a convenient way to register to vote!

Recently, ORS staff members came to the Board of Elections Office located on the first floor of the Benton Building, 417 E. Fayette Street.  There is where they met Sherrie Jackson, Elections Supervisor, for Voter Registration Training! Now a total of 22 are now Certified Voter Registration (CVR) volunteers.

 As CVR volunteers, the Office of Resident Services staff, can:

  • offer people the opportunity to register to vote,
  • distribute voter registration applications,
  • assist people with completing voter registration applications, and
  • return completed applications to the Board of Elections office.

“It’s is important that our residents are provided opportunities to be participating citizens of our community” says Tracey Oliver-Keyser, Director of Resident Services.

Resident Services Inc will be active in preparing for the Census and continues to provide other services on behalf of the residents.  “Voter registration is the cherry on top; residents can register right where they pay their rent and don’t have to go to the Board of Elections.”  She added.

Several disenfranchised populations are permitted to register in Maryland:

  • the homeless (they must have an address where they are able to receive mail); persons with criminal records (as long as they are not on parole or probation and not convicted of buying or selling votes);
  • the unaffiliated or independents voters (they can only vote in the General Election); and
  • for the pillar of YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, 16 year olds can register and may work and get paid at the precincts. Their registration is considered pending until they turn 18.  Any 17-year old youths can register and actually vote IF they turn 18 before the November election.

The Voter Registration deadline for the General Local and Presidential Elections is the day of the election, November 3, 2020.