Office of Capital Planning

The Office of Capital Planning is responsible for formulating the HABC's Capital Plan. The office coordinates the evaluation of Capital requests, forecasts the time and financial requirements of modernization and rehabilitation work and recommends the allocation of current and future resources by monitoring Capital expenditures. The office coordinates the HABC's physical needs assessments and long-term Capital plans. Annual planning sessions are held with Authority-Wide staff and residents of HABC's communities. As the "capital needs" of the HABC far outweigh the available funds, goals and objectives are established annually to assist in the prioritization of work items. Recommendations for funding are discussed and presented to the Executive Staff for final decisions.

The Contract and Grant Administration

The Contract and Grant Administration Section of this office provides contract and budgetary support to the Offices of Engineering and Capital Improvements, Energy and Environmental Programs, and other HABC Divisions as needed. The Section acts as the office responsible for the management and administration of HABC's Capital Program. Its functions include arranging for the advertising and award of all construction, A&E and professional services' contracts initiated by this office. The Section provides necessary administrative support for all contract activities beginning with the initiation of a budget, letting the contract, providing quality control on change orders, payment requests, etc. through the closeout of the contracts. Capital funding sources may include the Capital Fund Modernization Program (CFP), Replacement Housing Factor Funds, (RHFF), American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds (ARRA), MTW Block Grant Funds, private loans and Baltimore City Capital Funds.

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Coordinates planning for development of 10-Year.
  • Capital Plan Approves the use of capital expenses for HABC.
  • Coordinates Physical Needs Assessments Surveys and maintenance of data.
  • Ensures timely obligation and expenditure of Capital Funds.
  • Coordinates audit reviews for the Offices of Engineering and Capital Improvements and Energy & Environmental Programs.