The mission of EEP is to reduce and monitor the agency's energy consumption, investigate and reduce environmental hazards as well as implement and manage safety and security systems.

What does the EEP do?

Typical projects include the major capital infrastructure replacement, billing and metering implementation, addressing environmental concerns and instituting and monitoring the latest Closed Circuit TV(CCTV) and building monitoring technology. Responsibilities include periodic energy audits, development of utility allowances, initiating and implementing Energy Performance Contracts, instituting Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), overseeing the Environmental Program and leading the security system strategic planning.

The inspection and Monitoring Measurement and Verification (MM&V) of the installed energy conservation measures is an integral component of the HABCs energy strategy. The Inspection unit is responsible for the constant monitoring of the how well the measures are functioning and continuing to save energy. This information is readily uploaded from the field with the implementation of hand held devices and a custom application to easily facilitate data gathering.


EEP began in September 2006. Since then it has been charged to manage the consumption and the associated costs of numerous utilities (electric, gas, water/sewer, oil and steam). Responsible for the implementation of various energy conservation measures (ECM), and the monitoring, measurement and verification of these ECMs . This section develops plans and programs to engage both HABC and the resident to reduce energy consumption in order to mitigate rising energy costs. This section is also responsible for the investigation, testing and remediation of all lead, asbestos and fungal growth issues and for maintaining the integrity of any associated environmental records. The coordination and installation of CCTV systems is another responsibility of this unit. The CCTV coordination includes interacting with Mayors Office of Information and Technology (MOIT) the Baltimore City Police Department.