Open Enrollment 2023 Retiree FAQs

Why is HABC moving the benefits plan year to a calendar year?

The contracts with our current benefit plan carriers are expiring on December 31. Due to this, HABC will be marketing our benefit plans and also moving the benefit plan year to a calendar year.

The decision to move to a calendar year was reviewed internally and determined to be an advantageous shift for both employees and HABC. The adjustment will align the benefit plan year with the fiscal year, easing accounting and human resource practices.

The change also aligns individual federal and state tax filing requirements with the plan year, giving employees a simpler view of year-to-date accumulated expenses and benefit allowances. 

Will our benefit plan carriers change?

Depending on the bids and benefit plan designs proposed by the carriers, some or all of our current benefit plan carriers may change for 2024.

Of course, you will receive ample communication before any changes take effect. If you are in the middle of treatment at the end of the year and the carrier changes, the carriers will use transition of care practices to ensure a smooth transition to the new plan and/or carrier. 

Will I need to complete open enrollment again for the new plan year?

This fall, we will conduct another open enrollment period so you can choose your benefits for the 2024 plan year.

Your 2023 elections will not transfer to 2024. Details regarding the open enrollment period and benefits for 2024 will be shared later this year.

How will the short plan year impact my annual deductibles, benefit limits or maximums, and out-of-pocket maximums?

The dollar amount of your deductibles, annual benefit limits/maximums, and out-of-pocket maximums will not change for the short plan year. However, you'll have nine months, instead of the usual twelve, to satisfy the plan's deductible (if it has one). Your benefit limits/maximums and out-of-pocket maximums will also apply to nine months rather than twelve.

Keep in mind the CareFirst medical POS Plan only has a deductible when receiving out-of-network care and the Kaiser HMO Select Plan does not have a deductible.

The Dental PPO Plan has a deductible for in- and out-of-network care as well as a benefit maximum. The Dental HMO Plan does not have a deductible. All deductibles, benefit limits/maximums, and out-of-pocket maximums will reset on January 1, 2024 when your 2024 benefit elections become effective.