Areas that will be addressed include the following:

  • Priority programs and initiatives
  • Asset repositioning
  • Safety and security
  • Agency organizational structure

Why the Plan is Necessary

The platform for public housing across the nation is shifting away from traditional programs. Federal funding for public housing authorities has been steadily declining over the past decade, while the capital needs of aging housing inventories accumulate and the demand for affordable housing grows. Programs like the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) and other initiatives have been implemented to address this imbalance and leverage the funding necessary to preserve deeply affordable housing. Within the next few years, over one-third of HABC's public housing portfolio will be converted to private ownership through RAD. The time is right to for HABC to perform a careful evaluation of our assets and organizational structure to determine our path going forward.


How the Plan will be Developed

HABC has engaged EJP, an experienced industry consulting team, to assist in creating the strategic plan. The process will include input from many stakeholders - HABC staff and Board of Commissioners, residents and program participants, City agencies and elected officials, community and advocacy groups, anchor institutions, philanthropic organizations, for- and nonprofit developers, etc. A series of focus groups and committee meetings will be held over the next few months, and a final plan is expected to be completed by the fall of 2018. HABC conducted its first Advisory Board meeting on March 27, 2018. The plan was also announced to staff during the HABC's All Staff Meeting on March 29, 2018.

Speaker presenting in front of the strategic meeting members

Expected Outcome

The strategic plan will guide HABC's approach to fulfilling its mission and using best practices in its efforts to manage its portfolio, administer its programs and embarking upon future initiatives. The plan will align HABC's efforts with Mayor Pugh's vision for Baltimore City.


Thank you to the Strategic Advisory Board Members!

We would like to thank all the members for their time and feedback during this process:

  • Janet Abrahams, HABC Executive Director
  • Corliss Alston, HABC Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Michael Barb, Sandtown-Winchester
  • Wanda Best, Upton Planning Committee Inc.
  • Crystal Branch, HABC Resident Advisory Board
  • Michael Braverman, Baltimore City Dept of Housing & Community Development
  • James Brennan, Baltimore City Dept of Education
  • Ella Broadway, HABC Resident Advisory Board
  • Sonia Brookins-Santelises, Baltimore City Dept of Education
  • Kate Brower, Baltimore City Dept. of Rec and Parks
  • Blanca Carrasquillo, HABC Housing Operations
  • Robin Carter, HABC Board of Commissioners
  • Anita Chavis, HABC Capital Planning
  • Ada Cherry/Mahoi, HABC Resident Advisory Board
  • Rudolph Chow, Baltimore City Dept of Public Works
  • Jeannine Dunn, HABC Executive Director's Office
  • Antonia Fasanelli, Homeless Persons Representation Project
  • Andrew Frank, Johns Hopkins University (Office of President)
  • Jalal Greene, Baltimore City Dept of Housing & Community Development
  • Rev Alvin Hathaway, Union Baptist Church
  • Bridgette Hooper, HABC Housing Operations-O'Donnell
  • Steve Janes, Baltimore City Dept of Housing & Community Development
  • Marvin Jones, HABC Housing Operations-McCulloh
  • Amy Kleine, Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Foundation
  • Mary Leighton, HABC Resident Advisory Board
  • Molly Martin, Baltimore City Health Dept
  • Michael Middleton, Cherry Hill Development Corp
  • Reginald Moore, Baltimore City Dept. of Rec and Parks
  • Frank Murphy, Baltimore City Dept of Transportation
  • Tracy Oliver/Keyser, HABC Resident Services
  • Brien O'Toole, MD State Dept of Housing & Community Dev
  • Allison Perkins-Cohen, Baltimore City Dept of Education
  • Michelle Pourcaiu, Baltimore City Dept of Transportation
  • David Prater, Disability Rights Maryland
  • Salem Reiner, Johns Hopkins University
  • Gary Rodwell, Coppin Heights CDC
  • Barbara Samuels, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Michael Seipp, Southwest Partnership
  • Joseph Smith, HABC Board of Commissioners
  • Stephanie Smith, Baltimore City Planning Dept
  • Perry Standfield, Baltimore City Police Dept
  • Joyce Stewart, HABC Executive Director's Office
  • Thomas Stosur, Baltimore City Planning Dept
  • Dale Thompson, Baltimore City Dept of Public Works
  • Ashley Valis, University of Maryland
  • Monica Watkins, HABC Engineering, Energy, Env & Fac
  • Peggy Webster, HABC Planning & Development
  • Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Dept
  • Kira Wilpone/Welborn, Disability Rights Maryland
  • Lauren Young, Disability Rights Maryland