Housings Archive Facility is located at 3701 Duncanwood Lane. All departments are required to review their files and determine which files should be archived. Before you begin this review, it is important to first submit a request for guidance (in the form of an e-mail) to the Facilities Manager ( Once the Office of Facilities Management ("OFM") has received this request, we will assist your staff in the proper way to purge and archive departmental files. Please note that any requests concerning office space or new file cabinets will not be processed unless your current files have been purged and/or archived. It is important that you only archive files that originate from your department. After you have purged any duplicate files, you can begin the archiving process.

Archive Facility Hours for Box Delivery

The Archive Facility will be opened to accept files by appointment only. Each department must e-mail the Facilities Manager ( for an appointment. After the appointment has been confirmed each department, at their sole cost and expense, must deliver their archive boxes to the Archive Facility.

Archiving Boxes

The storage box to be used for archiving files must be an R-Kive Storage Box - Model Number FEL-00724 (carton of 12); Takes both letter/legal files; White; Heavy Duty; Stacking Weight of 850 lb.; With Reinforced Handle; Box size 12 X 10 X 15. These boxes (no substitution allowed) can be order through purchasing. An Archive/Records Management form (see below) must be filled out for each box that is being set up for archiving.

Destroy After Date (Retention Schedule Date)

The Archive/Records Management form (see below) has a section for the date that the records should be destroyed (Retention Schedule Date). This date must be inserted and Legal Services must verify the date. An e-mail from the department head to OFM must be sent that indicates Legal Services agrees with the retention schedule date (the e-mail must copy Housings General Counsel). The Retention Schedule Date is the date the records will be destroyed. However, prior to this date, the department head will be contacted before the records are destroyed.

Archive & Records Management Form

Please fill out an Archive/Records Management form (see below) for each box to be archived. Please follow the instructions noted on the form.

Click HERE to access the Archive & Records Management Form.

Archive Form Instructions

  1. After you have notified OFM that you will begin the archiving procedure OFM staff will issue you a Box # for each box. The Box #s will be issued on a spreadsheet.
  2. Insert the Box # on the appropriate archive form (upper right corner). Also, insert the box # on the appropriate box (affix to each end- under handle); this should be done by creating labels from the spreadsheet.
  3. Retain one copy of the archive form for your records and bring one copy to the Archive Facility with the box.

Retrieval/Records Management form

Please fill out a Retrieval/Records Management form form for each box to be retrieved.

Retrieving Form Instructions

  1. The minimum amount of time to retrieve a box will be 48 hours. To retrieve a box, you will be given an appointment - please call (4-1817) to get a pick up time.
  2. Fill out the retrieval form and forward it to the Facilities Manager by e-mail (
  3. Only a complete box will be retrieved.

Redelivery/Records Management form

Please fill out a Redelivery/Records Management form form for each box to be returned.

Redelivery Form Instructions

  1. Fill out bottom of retrieval form with any changes and redeliver box and form to the archive facility on the designated date and time, upon request.
  2. Each department must e-mail the Facilities Manager ( for an appointment. After the appointment has been confirmed each department, at their sole cost and expense, must deliver the returning archive boxes to the Archive Facility.