Commonly Requested Forms

HQS Inspection Checklist

The list includes the most common reasons found for a unit to fail Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

Self Certification of HQS Inspection

Certify that HQS deficiencies have been corrected 

Den Assessment

Is it a bedroom or a den? Use this evaluation to determine which is which. 

Request for Winter Waiver

HABC may grant Winter Waivers of units that will be exempted during the cold weather seasons from the requirement to paint exteriors that have been found with deteriorating paint and/or repairing heaved or cracked concrete.

Change of Ownership

Follow these instructions in order to change the ownership of a property participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. 

Direct Deposit Form

Follow these instructions in order to change the

Change of Address

If your address has changed, HABC will need this form in order to make the change in our records. 

Request a Rent Increase

HABC may grant increases to current Contract Rents as long as the request is found to be reasonable and not in excess of rents currently being charged by the owner for comparable unassisted units.