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Intro to the PSO Initiative
On July 19, 2018, the PSO Transformation Plan was put in motion by HABC Executive Director, Janet Abrahams. For more information on its conception, visit HABC'S PSO Transformation Page.


Resident Relocations

In the Spring and Fall of 2021, all residents were relocated according to their preferences to other HABC Properties.

Perkins Deconstruction

With all Perkins Homes residents successfully relocated, the Deconstruction of Perkins began in the Summer of 2021.


Somerset Ribbon Cutting & Groundbreaking

This dual celebration marked the completion of Somerset I, 1234 McElderry Street, as well as the beginning of the next phase with the construction of Somerset II about to begin.

Somerset I Residents Move In

Residents are finally able to move into their homes at 1234 McElderry Street building dubbed, Somerset I.

HABC Celebrates Somerset II

A new milestone was reached in May of 2022 with the completion of the Somerset II roof. HABC celebrates with our partners and those who made it happen!


PSO Tours & New Vision for Oldtown
Janet Abrahams walks our friend Hallie Miller from the media and the representatives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, through Perkins, Somerset and ending with sharing new visions for Oldtown.