The Perkins, Sommerset, Old Town (PSO) Transformation will revolve around the redevelopment of Perkins Homes – 629 units of public housing – and the integration of this housing into the footprint of the neighborhood, which includes new thoughtfully designed and sustainable units for all income levels.

Setting a New Standard

The Perkins Transformation is being developed under the framework of the Choice Neighborhoods (CN) program, which was launched by the Obama Administration in 2010 to guide federal investment in comprehensive neighborhood revitalization. The CN program supports locally driven strategies to transform neighborhoods of extreme poverty into sustainable, mixed-income communities.

Three Core Goals


Replace distressed public and assisted housing with high quality mixed-income housing that is well-managed and responsive to the needs of the surrounding neighborhood.


Attract public and private reinvestment in distressed neighborhoods to improve the amenities and assets (ex. safety, good schools, commercial activity) available to the community.


Improve educational and economic outcomes through services and supports delivered directly to youth and their families.

Upcoming Resident & Community Meetings

  • PSO Relocation Kick Off & Resource Fair
    May 11, 2019, 11AM-3PM - Perkins Homes

A Vision for Perkins

The long-term vision of the Perkins Transformation is to transform Perkins Homes and the surrounding community into a Community of Choice, that is inviting, promotes resident pride and unity among neighbors, and is integrated into the surrounding area.

The Transformation Focuses On

  • The redevelopment of Perkins Homes, a 629-unit public housing development in disrepair, to support and accommodate existing and future residents of all income types, family composition, and lifestyles.
  • A coordinated and targeted neighborhood plan that combines infrastructure improvements economic development, and public safety strategies.
  • A comprehensive human services plan that supports families to increase economic self-sufficiency and improve educational outcomes over the long term.

$30 Million Award from HUD

In November 2017, HABC submitted an application for, and was subsequently awarded, a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods (CN) grant from HUD in July 2018 to leverage the redevelopment of 629 public housing units at Perkins Homes. Implementation of the plan requires extensive commitments from a highly qualified team of committed partners and the leveraging of public and private resources to improve housing access, resident success, and neighborhood vibrancy.

City Springs Elementary Poems & Essays

In a conversation with City Springs School Principal, Rhonda Richetta, about the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Program she shared this perspective: “Our children are growing up in poverty and public housing, so gentrification is not something they are favor of because it doesn’t allow them to remain in their homes”. However, once the Choice Neighborhood Initiative that would benefit Perkins, Somerset and Old Town (PSO) was explained students started talking! They were actually discussing why the Perkins Project was a good thing and what it would mean for them to live in a mixed population neighborhood with a brand new school building!

HUD inspectors were so moved when they saw the students in May that they asked for a copy of the video to present to Congress to appeal to the continuation of the CNI program!

Take a look at the creative expression of City Springs Elementary Youth expressing their support of the Choice Neighborhood Program as they recite poems and essays in the following video.

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