A Vision for Chick Webb Memorial Recreation Center

Built in 1947, this center was named after the jazz drummer and bandleader William Henry “Chick” Webb, who grew up in East Baltimore. This was the first recreation center and pool built for African Americans in segregated East Baltimore.  The seed money for the construction came from other entertainers and members of the community, who fundraised and advocated for years for a recreation center, even purchasing the property for the center with their own money. The role that Chick Webb, the entertainers, and the larger East Baltimore community played in the development of this recreation center is a story that will be told to all who use the center through decorative and informative displays and features incorporated into the design of the building and site.

The Plan Will Focus On….

  • Community and Neighborhood Focus
  • History – tell the story
  • Diversity of spaces and programs for a variety of ages
  • Renovation of existing building plus a new addition