The Housing Authority of Baltimore City not only provides affordable housing, but supports the ability of an individual or family to improve their economic status, which is typically measured in income. HABC looks at Economic Mobility as connecting families to services, tools and our partners to increase their opportunities for economic mobility.

We are in the business of improving futures. Our agency’s programs appeal to the belief of self-betterment through the Family Self Sufficiency initiatives. Improvement of quality of life, skill sets and career placement under Jobs Plus and PACE.

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MyGoals for Employment Success

If you are a resident of public housing in Baltimore City or are participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program (Section8), then My Goals is for you!

MyGoals for Employment Success is a new workforce program intended to help recipients of federal housing subsidies who are not employed find work, build careers, and advance toward greater self-sufficiency. The program incorporates an innovative employment coaching model that is informed by current literature in behavioral psychology on executive functioning skills and their relevance to economic mobility.

The MyGoals for Employment Success is a demonstration project for the residents of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

HOUSE RULES: Because MyGoals is part of a study, eligible individuals will be randomly selected for a limited number of spots per enrollment of this 3 year study.

Residents between the ages of 18-56 who are unemployed or who work 20 hours or less per month are eligible. You are not eligible if you are currently enrolled in the Family Self Sufficiency Program and Jobs Plus.

MyGoals is limited to one MyGoals participant per household.

For more information visit 709 E. Eager St. Baltimore, MD 21202, email, or call (410) 396-3212.


Jobs Plus

Do you live in Gilmor Homes and are you interested in getting a job? Jobs Plus services are exclusively tailored to the residents at Gilmor Homes! This HUD funded place-based program provides referrals and on-site employment related services to residents living in the Gilmor Homes public housing community.

The goal of Jobs Plus is to develop and foster a culture of work. For unemployed residents, case managers will help identify short and long-term employment goals and create plans to accomplish them. Employed individuals can work with case managers to take the necessary steps to advance in the labor market.

Services benefits include:

Employment-related service: Employment-related services are offered to residents with a range of employment needs. This includes work-readiness training, employer linkages, financial counseling, educational advancement, job placement, and employment counseling.

Financial incentives:

Residents enrolled in Jobs Plus will be granted a 100 percent income disregard that will remain in place for up to 48 months.
Community support for work: Jobs Plus services and financial incentives to all identified residents at Gilmor Homes.

The best part:

Services are located on-site in the Gilmor Homes Community building. Participants must live in Gilmor Homes to enroll in the program.

For more information visit the Gilmor Homes Community building at 1515 Vincent Court, Baltimore MD 21217, or call (410) 545-1909.

People Accessing Continued Employment (PACE)

People Accessing Continued Employment assists residence of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City with accessing sustainable employment.

Included Services:

  • Direct job placement
  • Post-placement support
  • Skills training
  • Job replacement
  • Job retention services

Am I Eligible?

PACE programs are specifically designed for those who are newly employed and in need of support as well as those who have been out of the workforce for extended periods of time. Residents of Baltimore City Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Program are eligible. Program participants must be at least 18 years of age and on the lease can participate. The services are provided at no costs to eligible residents.


Contact the PACE program office Monday through Friday between 8:30am -4:30pm.

In person at Pleasant View Gardens – 201 N. Asquith Street
Baltimore, MD 21202.

Or call at 410-545-0921.

Tickets to Work

The Ticket to Work Program in partnership with the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC), connects participants with free employment services!

This program helps you with the following:

  • Decide if working is right for you
  • Prepare for work
  • Find a job
  • Maintain success while you are working

If you choose to participate, you will receive services such as career counseling, vocational rehabilitation, and job placement and training from authorized Ticket to Work service providers, such as Employment Networks (EN) or your state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency. The service provider you choose will serve as an important part of your “employment team” that will help you on your journey to financial independence.

Ticket to Work targets beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) who are seeking employment and are between the ages of 18 and 64. Participation is free and voluntary.

Ready to Work?

Contact the Tickets to Work program office Monday through Friday between 8:30am -4:30pm.

In person at Pleasant View Gardens – 201 N. Asquith Street
Baltimore, MD 21202.

Or call at 410-545-0921.


HABC's Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) is pleased that you are interested in the Housing Choice Voucher Home Ownership Program (HCVHP). Please be advised that this is an optional program for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holders. Housing Choice Voucher holders are not mandated nor are they required to participate in this program. Furthermore, all Housing Choice Voucher holders may not qualify or be deemed eligible to participate in the program.

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