Office of Resident Services coordinates resources and support services for our seniors that are aging in place and in crisis. We currently provide support through our Congregate Housing initiative and service coordination efforts to our seniors.


The Office of Resident Services (ORS) knows that residents are aging in place and want to avoid premature institutionalization. As such, ORS coordinates resources and support through its Service Coordination system of seamless services.

In addition, we offer the Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) which is certified and subsidized by the Maryland Department of Aging.

CHSP is a Maryland Department of Aging certified subsidized program offered only at the Bernard E. Mason Senior Apartments located at 2121 Windsor Garden Lane Baltimore, Maryland 21207. Seniors 62 years of age and over, who have some difficulty with essential daily living activities, can benefit from this program. Participants pay based on a sliding scale. This program enables eligible seniors to continue living independently. Services include two meals daily, housekeeping, laundry, personal care and case management.

For additional information regarding Service Coordination and the CHSP, please contact (410) 396-6197.